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Slackel 5.0 openbox has been released

Created:2013/10/14 11:59:29 djemos   Views:5772

Slackel  5.0 Openbox  has been released. Slackel is based on  Slackware and Salix.

Includes the Linux kernel 3.10.16 and latest updates from Slackware's 'Current' tree.

The ncurses installer includes the option to install Lilo or Grub boot loader. After installation users can use grubconfig utility to reinstall grub or change the boot loader from LILO to GRUB.
Users can also use update-grub to update grub menus any time they upgrade their kernel or install other Linux distribution.
The os-prober tool is used to probe for other operating systems and to update GRUB menus.

Slackel 5.0 Openbox includes the Midori 0.5.5 web browser, Claws-Mail 3.9.2, Transmission, SpaceFm, Openjre-7u40, rhino, icedtea-web, Pidgin 2.10.7, Gftp 2.0.19, Wicd.

Abiword 2.8.6, Gnumeric 1.12.2 and ePDFviewer office applications are included. Whaawmp is the default movie player, Exaile 3.3.0 is the application to use for managing your music collection, Asunder Cd ripper, Bracero for writing CD/DVD's and more.

In the graphics section Viewnior 1.3, Gimp 2.8.6 and Scrot the snapshot utility.
Iso images are isohybrid.
Slackel 5.0 openbox 32 bit image includes both PAE and non-PAE kernel with older hardware support.

You can download all Slackel 5.0 Openbox iso images from the following links, using the Sourceforge servers.

Slackel 5.0 Openbox (32-bit) installation image
(size: 701MB,md5: dad1509fe9d9a4d9387513acff3aa49e)

Slackel64 5.0 Openbox (64-bit) installation image
(size: 636MB,md5: 801bb29b7a124e9fa0b7f51d02555f06)
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Slackel 4.0 openbox has been released
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