Slackel 6.0.6 Openbox

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Slackel 6.0.6 Openbox

Postby djemos » 31 May 2016 12:22

Slackel 6.0.6 Openbox has been released. Slackel is based on Slackware and Salix.

There are four iso images two installation iso and two live iso (64 and 32 bit)
The 64-bit iso images support booting on UEFI systems.
The 32-bit iso images support both i686 PAE SMP and i486, non-PAE capable systems.
Iso images are isohybrid.

Includes the Linux kernel 4.4.11 and latest updates from Slackware's 'Current' tree. (14.2)
The 64-bit iso supports booting on UEFI systems.
The 32-bit flavor support both i686 PAE SMP and i486, non-PAE capable systems.

A lot of improvements in Slackel-live-installer have been done. In "Basic" installation, wicd is fully functional as also PCManFM in browsing network shares. Full multimedia support without having to install multimedia codecs while on live environment. Of course it is suggested to install multimedia codecs to your system after installation.

Slackel 6.0.6 Openbox includes the Midori 0.5.11 web browser, Claws-Mail 3.9.2, Smplayer 16.4.0, Transmission 2.84, PCManFm 1.2.1, Pidgin 2.10.12, Gftp 2.0.19, Wicd, Openjre 8u91_b14.
Abiword 3.0.1 office application and Gnumeric-1.12.9 are included. Smplayer is the default movie player, Exaile 3.4.5 is the application to use for managing your music collection, Asunder 2.3 Cd ripper, isomaster, Bracero 3.12.0 for writing CD/DVD's, whaawmp and more.
On slackel repositories can be found Libreoffice 5.1.3, Openjdk, kplayer 0.7.2, kaffeine 1.3.1, k3b, mplayer, vlc 2.2.2, gnome-mplayer 1.0.8 , radio tray, mixx, gmpc 11.8.16, mpd 0.19.9, icecast 2.3.2, ices-mp3 0.4, ices-ogg, murmur 1.2.15, mumble 1.2.15, audacity, audacious, kdenlive, wxcam, games as (supertux4, supertux2, frozen bubble, extreme tux racer) educational software as gcompris, tuxtype, tuxpaint and many more. All these can be easily installed using gslapt.

In the graphics section Viewnior 1.3, gimp 2.8.16, mtpaint 3.40 and Scrot the snapshot utility.
On slackel repositories there is inkscape-0.91, shotwell-0.22, mozilla-firefox-45.1.1esr and mozilla-firefox-noesr-46.0.1, mozilla-thunderbird-45.1.0, google-chrome 50.0.2661.86, skype-nomultilib- which run in 64bit without the need of installing multilib, skype- for 32 bit and many more.

The Slackel Live Installer (SLI) supports installation on different filesystems (btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, jfs, reiserfs, xfs). Note that cannot use xfs filesystem and grub because after installation system will not boot. So for xfs choose (e)Lilo instead. /root partition will be formatted in the filesystem type you choose from drop down menu. While /home partition (if you create a separate partition for /home within gparted and choose to format it) it will be formatted in the filesystem type you already have chosen within gparted. So can have /root and /home with different filesystem.

Installation on EFI GPT partitions is also supported for 64bit iso. In this case you have to create a gpt partition table with gparted and the first partition, the EFI partition, has to be at least 300MB fat32. A second partition with the same size as your system memory for swap and a third one for your linux system. If you want a separate partition for home then create another one. After creation you have to flag the first partition bootable. This make it EFI. (EF00) And then proceed with installation.

If you want to transfer the iso to a USB stick, make sure you read the respective instructions in this file: ... ON_USB.TXT

You can also use the dd command to write the iso to a USB stick, but some features like persistence, will not be available.

If you are booting with persistence, the very first time without creating a persistent file when transferring the iso to USB stick, the live system will boot will take a while. This is because the persistence file is created at that point and that is somehow a lengthy process. However, the system will boot much faster at every consecutive boot.

So when transferring the iso to USB stick also create the persistent file.
I suggest users to not boot with persistence for the first time if not have create a persistent file.
It is better to use the script to create a persistent file. And in next boot to use persistence.

(The root password for the live CD is “live”. Standard user login is “one” with password: "one")
For installation and for all work required administration privileges the super user "one" with password "one" is used.

Minimum system requirements:
* Pentium 2 or equivalent
* 256 MB (RAM)
* 1.5 GB HDD

The size of the iso image has been grown because smplayer and its dependencies has been added to included software. I hope you like these changes and live iso to be more functional and pleasant to everyone. If you like the changes, they will remain also for the next future releases.

You can download all Slackel 6.0.6 iso images from the following links, using the Sourceforge servers.

Installation isos:
Slackel 6.0.6 Openbox (32-bit)
(size: 898 MB,md5: 7939acf9e7d3f3a6c3d151f7a09c9a34)
Sourceforge: ... o/download

Slackel64 6.0.6 Openbox (64-bit)
(size:861 MB,md5: f60777a6886e84d85acb4b7d026784c8)
Sourceforge: ... o/download

Live isos:
Slackel 6.0.6 "Live Openbox" (32-bit)
(size: 919 MB,md5: 237f431a713bd3819c6e9af7ff60d935)
Sourceforge: ... o/download

Slackel64 6.0.6 "Live Openbox" (64-bit)
(size:899 MB,md5: fba0c2fd833ec5fa235ff538c17c5195)
Sourceforge: ... o/download

Live iso installation Videos

This is a video for installing Slackel Live Openbox 64bit on UEFI

This is a video for installing Slackel Live Openbox 64bit on CSM BIOS

This is a video for installing Slackel Live Openbox 32bit on CSM BIOS

Installation iso image Video on UEFI

This is a video for installing Slackel 64 bit on UEFI

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Re: Slackel 6.0.6 Openbox

Postby niyasc » 02 Jun 2016 18:58

08 LXTerminal.jpg
08 LXTerminal.jpg (220.27 KiB) Viewed 3787 times
07 PCManFM file manager.png
07 PCManFM file manager.png (60.39 KiB) Viewed 3787 times
06 Application menu.jpg
06 Application menu.jpg (250.39 KiB) Viewed 3787 times


More Slackel 6.0.6 Openbox screenshots are shared here


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Re: Slackel 6.0.6 Openbox

Postby djemos » 03 Jun 2016 08:54

Thanks niyasc

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